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Balsamic roasted summer veges


Balsamic roasted summer veges name

1 large eggplant

1 large red onion

2-3 cloves of crushed garlic (optional)

3 red, yellow or orange capsicums

3 or 4 medium courgettes

Enough olive oil to coat the vegetables (be generous)

3-4 tbsp of good balsamic vinegar

1 ½ tbsp of brown sugar

Salt and pepper

Chop onion into wedges and roughly dice the other vegetables into approximately 2 cm cubes. Pour over enough oil to coat and then add the balsamic vinegar, brown sugar, garlic, salt and pepper and toss to mix through. You can add any fresh or dried herbs at this point - there is no hard and fast rule - just any flavours that you enjoy.


Spread onto a large roasting dish big enough so that all the vegetables are on a single layer. Roast for approximately 20-30 minutes at 190 C.  Serve warm or at room temperature.

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