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Don't ignore your winter lawn


Don't ignore your winter lawn name

I know its normal to ignore your lawn over the winter months and wait for spring before taking some remedial action. This winter though, I’ve changed tactics to try and keep the lawn looking really good right through. Keep it quiet - but my efforts have been amazingly successful. Don’t believe the rubbish you've heard about Maxicrop being a useless product because it is a great stimulant when used in conjunction with fertiliser.

I’ve been fertilising with Urea monthly and that has kept it really lush. And you know those lighter green areas that seem to arrive in winter when it’s excessively wet – I’ve been using good old Maxicrop in the watering can to treat those bits and the results have been startlingly good. I’ve now got a uniform healthy dark green right across the whole area. Try it out for yourself. You can buy both of these products on the website or ring in to order.

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