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News & tips for April 2017


News & tips for April 2017 name

Autumn is a great month to clean up and clear out the garden and we have got a great little helper here at Newtons – the Precision Weeder. Easy on the back and a great alternative to spraying (got to look after our bee friends) you can use these in your lawns and garden beds. A great mother’s day present!

Thankfully grass grubs have for the time being, departed the garden although now crickets have arrived! To keep up the attack on the army of insects come and get your insect bait now and deal to those little blighters.

This year our seed potatoes will arrive around mid to late April; Cliff Kidney, Jersey Bennes and Rocket will be the first up with the other varieties arriving over the following weeks. Preorder to avoid disappointment - send us an email now!

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