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News & tips for July 2017


News & tips for July 2017 name

Yay it's potato time! When there is not much else growing in the garden – except the weeds and it's cold and miserable outside I get great pleasure from choosing which new variety of potato I will put into my garden. Last year I went for Pink Fir Apple and Swift. The Pink Fir didn’t crop heavily but they were heavenly to eat. Swift is always reliable, but this year I am going back to my favourite potato of all, Heather!

I have been planting these for nearly 10 years and they have never ever failed me. So this year it’s Heather for me and I will also try a few Purple Heart, Highlander and a few Ruldoph. Currently available Agria, Ilam Hardy, Rua, Moonlight, Liseta, Swift, Rudolph, Red Rascal, Desiree, Heather, Maris Anchor, Rocket, Purple Heart, Cliff Kidney, Rudolph and Jersey Benne. Next month we will also be stocking Sebago potatoes – a fantastic all rounder that was bred originally in America.


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