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News & tips for June 2017


News & tips for June 2017 name

With a couple of frosts under our belt most of us just want to be inside keeping warm. However with the fine calm weather, there are still many things that we can put in the garden – so get those gumboots on! Silverbeet, coriander and potatoes can all still be planted now. Obviously in many parts of New Zealand you can’t sow them out directly but you can cultivate them in seedling trays in a hot water cupboard or on a warm window sill. Then when you put them out use a cloche so Jack Frost doesn’t get near.

If your garden doesn’t get enough sun in the winter to put down the veges, it is a good time to replenish your soil with compost and lots of other goodies. Fodda Soil Enhancer is a great natural product that helps restore your soil to premium condition so that it's ready for spring planting. Two handfuls per sqm is all that your garden needs. I swear by the stuff!



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