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News & tips for Sept 2017


News & tips for Sept 2017 name

Springtime is seed sowing time. It’s a teensy bit warmer and we are getting the occasional rain free day. So get your galoshes on and get outside and start getting the garden ready for a planting frenzy. Tomatoes, eggplants, beans, lettuce, spinach, cucumber, capsicum and peas can all be started in trays now!

I didn’t get a green crop down this winter - I had the seed and the intention but not enough will. So in order to replenish my soil I’ve chucked in a whole heap of this stuff called Fibre Earth Garden Mix Plus. It’s full of Lucerne and other plant materials but no additives or fertiliser. You need to let it cure for a couple of weeks before you can plant directly into it but it gives seedlings a fantastic start. It’s also compressed so that you get three times the bag size when opened - great value for money!

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