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Still time for lawns


Still time for lawns name

Summer is fast approaching and now is the perfect time to resow your lawn or patch it up. We are still getting a decent bit of rain and the temperatures are creeping up on us. There is a bit of debate over whether we are going to have a big dry or a wet and hot summer but given that we’ve already had our years share of rainfall over spring our thinking is it’s going to be hot and dry. Coincidentally we just happen to have found the perfect grass for those type of conditions but just to hedge our bets we can guarantee that it will do just as well if it’s wet too.

Kentucky Green is a dark green wide bladed tall fescue. Looks beautiful – those fancy landscape designers used tall fescue (similar) down at Auckland’s Viaduct Harbour. Looks are only for the shallow or Donald Trump; its real beauty lies in its ability to withstand shade and drought like conditions. It still needs plenty of water to get it out of the ground though (it is a plant). But it’s pretty hardy and once established you will be the envy of the neighbours.

And while you're outside admiring the effort you have put into your lawn, you might as well open a bottle of something and enjoy the following dish - care of the wonderful Nigel Slater. Perfect for balmy summer evenings, best eaten warm than hot - wait for 20 mins before you tuck in (enough time for a couple more glasses of your favourite tipple!).

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