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Diatomaceous Earth is fossil shell flour. It is not only natural but certified organic that provides a fantastic array of uses in the household, on the farm, and in commercial and horticultural applications. It can be used as a natural pesticide. The tiny particles of the sharp and hard DE stick to the insect, abrasively rub through and serrate their epi-cuticle and joints, absorb their bodily fluids and they die of dehydration. As such there is no build up or chemical residue, the insect cannot build up immunity or become tolerant to it. There is no plant or livestock with-holding period for human consumption. As well as external parasites it also has positive benefits on internal parasitic control for poultry, farm animals, domestic pets and equestrian applications. Fed daily the hard and sharp honeycombs of the DE lacerate internal worms to which they release their grip on the intestinal walls and get passed out with the rest of the waste.

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